1.    What does Giftdarbar offer?

Giftdarbar makes it possible for you to send gifts to your dear ones residing almost anywhere in the world. Through this service, you can order from the choicest gift items shown on the site while making the payment online. The gift will be delivered at an approximate time and address given by you, according to your specifications.

2.    How can I place an order/make the payment?

Kindly click here to learn the ordering process.

3.    Can I place my order over Phone ?

Yes, orders are accepted online as well as over the phone, will process only after receiving your payment..

4.    Which credit cards does Giftdarbar accept?

We accept Credit and Debit Card (both Indian and International) ,Internet Banking, PayPal, cheque,Payorder

5.    How do I feel sure that you have correctly registered the order placed?

After you have placed the order, you will get an e-mail confirming each order registered with us. Please check your e-mail and if you want any correction, you are requested to get in touch with us.

6.    Are the items shipped as per the display on webpage?

Flowers/Flower hampers and Cream Cakes images shown are indicative.These are sourced from the best locations as per place of delivery and are hand delivered. Other Gifts shall be as per their descriptions mentioned with the image.

7.    How much time do you take to deliver after the payment has been made?

We shall deliver your gift within 6 working days of securing your payment in the order form (depending on the location and product).

8.    What is the mode of delivery?

Flowers/Flower hampers and Cream Cakes are hand delivered. Other Gifts sent through renowned courier services.

9.    How do I know that my gift has been shipped?

Confirmation through e-mail shall be sent to you after your gift has been shipped.

10.   Can I send some message with the gift?

Yes, you can send your message with the gift. Just type in your message in Comments about your order’ box while making the payment online. Your message will be delivered along with the gift.

11.   Can I have the gift delivered on a particular date?

Yes. Flowers/Flower hampers and Cream Cakes can be delivered on a particular date. You simply need to select the desired delivery date while placing an order online. Other gifts sent through courier will be delivered as per their mentioned transit time, if order is received much in advance for courier gifts then we do ship them accordingly so they are delivered near or on the same particular day.

12.   Where all can Giftdarbar deliver gifts?

Giftdarbar can deliver gifts to all the major countries. You may place orders from anywhere in the world while making payment online in Indian Rupees or US Dollar. For more details kindly contact support@giftdarbar.com.

13.   Do you deliver to locations outside India?

Yes, for more information mail us on support@giftdarbar.com.

14.   How do I contact you regarding my order?

You can send a mail to our Customer Service Group at support@giftdarbar.com and we will only be glad to help you.

15.   What is Wishlist?

The product that you wish to add to the cart, can be the one marked as sold out. Or you may like to have a personalized wish, for a product / category not present on the portal. You will be informed by mail when the product is available on the portal.  Also you can mail us item you wish to have on our website at support@giftdarbar.com.

16.   My transaction could not be completed but my account has been debited.

In case of a unsuccessful transaction where your account has been debited but there is no Order confirmation from Giftdarbar.com then please contact us at + (91)-9833907010 or send a mail to support@giftdarbar.com.

17.   Refund not received/Charged for cancelled order

Call us at +(91)- 9833907010 or send a mail to support@giftdarbar.com..

18.   Product received damaged/defective/different than the one ordered

Please write to us at support@giftdarbar.com.with your order details and we shall resolve the issue at earliest.